2 MMORPGs We Still Love So Much

Here in this post, we are going to talk about 2 of the most popular MMORPG video games we still love so much. Have a look below to find out why.

I mean we have to admit, these 2 are the best MMORPG games we’ve ever played. I still love ’em not from the bottom of my heart but from the core of my soul and I know for a fact that you guys love these games too.

Those of you who are new to MMORPGs, MMORPG means Massively multiplayer online role-playing games. MMORPG is a mix of RPG games and massively multiplayer online video games in which an expansive number of players connect with each other inside an unending gaming world. In simple words, MMORPGs are online video games where a gamer can play with other players or gamers all around the globe.

Lets have a look at 2 MMORPGs we still love so much below.

2. Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSOFT, released in TwentyTwelve. The game is set in the dreamland of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 takes after the re-development of Destiny’s Edge, a disbanded society committed to battling the Elder Dragons, a Lovecraftian species that has seized control of Tyria in the time subsequent to the first Guild Wars. The MMORPG happens in a steady world with a story that advances in instanced situations.

Why We Still love Guild Wars 2

Because Guild Wars 2 video game is totally unique in the genre, one of a kind by highlighting a story-line that is receptive to players activities. It is something which is very common in single-player RPG video games and rarely seen in multiplayer ones. There is a thing called dynamic event system in Guild Wars 2 which completely replaces traditional questing. Guild Wars 2 uses ripple effect to permit players to approach journeys in various courses as part of a persistent world.

Guild Wars 2 has awesome combat system, better and more dynamic than its prequel. It uses the in-game environment as a weapon and promotes synergy between professions and also diminishes the multifaceted nature of the Magic-style ability system of the first game the prequel Guild Wars 1. And this is why Guild Wars 2 is the #2 game we still love so much.

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