4 Gaming Gadgets You Need To Buy Right Now

Trust me folks, these gadgets are the real deal. Without these gaming gadgets, I believe you’ve experienced nothing. If you do not own these amazing gadgets than you’re just another newbie in the world of gaming. Find out why you need to buy these gadgets right now below.

Razer Turret Keyboard


The Razer Turret is a full sized keyboard coming with a wireless gaming mouse and a fold out laptop desk , which can be stored in a related dock. The wireless mouse has a 3500 DPI sensor and It comes with an anti-ghosting facility. The system comes with long life batteries which can keep the keyboard running for three months and mouse for forty hours of continuous gaming. It can work on TV’s also.

Smach Zero


You can say its the mini version of pc gaming and preciously it use to be called “steamboy” and it allows the gamer to play steam games in one moment. It has 4 GB RAM, a 5 inch, 720p touchscreen assisted by four buttons and gamepads placed on each side. A 32 GB storage memory following by an  SD card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, and an optional 4G connectivity.

Xbox Elite Controller


This is designed as the wants of the professional gamers. it gives you a high perfromance in gameplay.The analog sticks made from the Best stainless steel. It has the usual buttons but has four stainless steel pads in the holding area, each of which can be set to perform any action in any game. It has customizable trigger, customizable  inputs sensitivity, soft touch finish for slip free control.

Tactical Assault Commander 4


This gadget is made for enhanced gaming controls. This gadget can be attached to any ordinary PC, its a mouse and keyoard devic. The keyboard is compact with character movement keys with additional “quick” and “snipe” keys. The keyboard is backlit, giving a feeling of real PC gaming.

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