5 Most Awaited PS4 Exclusive Games

There is a big difference in between Xbox One Wii U and PS4 Games, they have different CPU and the graphical power non of that matters if the gaming experience is dull and dead, to know which game deserved your hard earned money, we are going too look at some exclusive titles that are coming up for the PlayStation 4 which you wont find on any other platform.


Rime is a colorful, amazing and a beatiful, game that tells us the story of a young boy who has to escape an island and its curse To let him achieve his objectives you have to help him out in solving the puzzles and difficult situations throughout the map.

The game is very different and its quite unlike anything else out there right now, and like something the whole family can enjoy. In a world filled with violent shoot-‘em-ups, Rime could be a thoughtful, colorful, breath of fresh air. There is no released date announced yet.

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  • NinoBr0wn

    Grammar and punctuation…

  • Steven Russell

    Fuck why did I buy this PS4. 5 upcoming games that all look fucking awful.
    Oh well, WiLD looks good, can’t wait for that!