5 Sexiest Bosses in Video Games

Sometimes ‘sexy’ bosses in video games are  justified. At times, be that as it may, they’re just completely baffling. Watch out for the ones with the most explaining to do. Check out 5 of the sexiest bosses in video games below.

5. The Alien Queen – Duke Nukem Forever

The Alien Queen is a gigantic three-breasted monster, yup it has three breasts that is encountered in the Duke Dome. During the start of the invasion she was released by the aliens . She quickly made the place her nest, creating the Hive. The Alien Queen is another alien-human hybrid like the first Alien Queen killed in Duke Nukem 3D. Her her lower body, and head is very similar to the Cycloid Emperor,  which stretches through and out the Hive, is that of an Octabrain. Her breasts and fingers on the claws are that of human.

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