5 Sexiest Video Games Voiced Over Actresses So Far

We hear these ladies voices more frequently than we hear genuine ladies voices who aren’t our mothers. From the entire Lara Croft voices, to the voices of some of the hottest character from games like, The Old Republic, Mass Effect,  Kingdom Hearts and more, here is the list of top 5 hottest voice actresses in the video game business today. Trying to put a face to that sexy female voice? You’ve come to the right place.

5. Mandy Moore

She played Aerith in Kingdom Hearts, she didnt do a great job for it but it was awesome. In the game where she talked to Cloud it was an awesome moment for the gamers even after the story of FF VII.

The way Mandy Moore voiced Aerith is hotter than any other American voice actress that’s ever voiced for games characters, Enter Mandy Moore, youngster pop symbol from the 90s and a cutie, to voice this great, notorious character in games. It worked out superbly, as well as her voice  (that have now been loaned out to numerous an enlivened movie including another Disney princess in Tangled) make it a great deal more magnificent.


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