5 Tweaks Can be Done To Improve You’re Game’s Performance

For playing a game with a full potential of your PC you need to do various tweaks that you don’t know about actually exist, most of the games these days require a very heavy gaming rigs to run and of course these games do come with loads of bugs and lags too, the main reason for the lags is that either the game is not fully optimized with you’re PC or you don’t meet the minimum or recommended System requirements for that game. The following tweaks you can do on your PC to get the maximum Performance for your Game, but keep in mind that if you are looking for epic graphics and no lag these tweaks are not for you.

1- Task manager

Make sure from you’re Task manager useless process are turn off you can do this by the following.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to run the task manager
  • Click on processes TAB
  • Then select the processes running which you think are useless and end them
  • This will improve the game’s performance very much

2- Vsync

  • Turn off V-Sync from the game’s Graphics options
  • Click on the options
  • and then Graphics settings or in some cases “Advanced Settings”
  • Turn off the V-Sync option
  • This will improve the game’s FPS and reduce lags

3- Drivers

Make sure before running any game you have installed the graphics drivers for your Graphics Card and install them , you’re drivers should be updated regularly as this plays an important part in Video game’s performance.

4-Direct X and C++

Direct x and C++ should be installed on your system and regularly updated , if you don’t do that your might get .DLL errors before starting any game.

Note: If you get any .DLL error do not manually download the .DLL file and put it in the game’s directory, most of the games do run by doing so but some will give you a nasty error you don’t want to see.

5- Other graphics options

You can always improve your game’s performance by reducing the graphics level to medium or low settings

  • Turning off Anti-aliasing helps a lot or you can put it to 2x
  • Post processing option can also be turned off or put to low level
  • Reducing Shadows level to minimum or medium can be a huge impact on the game’s performance
  • SSAO can be turned off but it will reduce your graphics beauty
  • Turn Anisotropic filtering Completely off
  • In some games you can select Direct x 11 or 9 which can be a very good option to make your game run completely without any lag

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