8 Must-Play PS4 Games for Fans

Let me explain why, there are so many reasons why Sony’s PS4 has long dominated the console market; one of them is that it brings forth quality and the range of excellent games for the players. If you are in search of some modern-day games for PlayStation 4, then this list is right for you.

8. Until Dawn

until down

For those who love horror games, the Until Dawn is a marvelous game of the year. It has focused more grisly first-person-view scares and involves different levels through which you are going to get excited. The characters, game’s plot and graphics everything is great.

7. The Witness


Now is the turn of The Witness. The developers of Braid, Jonathan Blow and his team, spent almost eight years in preparing, design, and develop The Witness. This game involves solving the puzzles. You are to spend time on a mysterious island where a lot of challenges are waiting for you. The game is at its best when you are unaware of what is going to happen the next moment.

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