8 Worst PS4 Games So Far

4. Knack

The Knack is another worse game of PlayStation 4. It seems that the developers have not paid much attention to make it entertaining. They have instead tried to take advantage of the new hardware potential, and that’s the reason why Knack is not worth to try. The gameplay, on the other hand, is too boring that this ends up being a forgettable game. You would be really disappointed while trying to enjoy it.

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  • bruce livingston

    “The graphics of Driveclub have a lot of deficiencies.”
    Lol, what? It’s the best looking racer ever to be released on consoles.

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      10 bucks says the author of this thinks Forza is amazing, with its pre-baked lighting and until recently no weather….Lets not forget the 2d cardboard cutout crowds…

      • Isaac Santamaria Hernandez


      • bakethejake

        actually the problem is not with the adds or anything , the problem is that millions are using addblocker which is a trouble for the bloggers , where people use to make lots of money via adds, addblocker messed up their shit . i have l seen lots of sites using such add styles yes it does look bad but what one can do .. btw the list is great … i want to see more , just make a list for pc and xbox too . the list is actually the honest one , only exclusives are good at PS4 tho lol

  • Soda Popinski

    The Order and Driveclub shouldn’t be on this list. They are both good games.

    • Ryo Shenmue

      The Order is not a game and it’s also awful.

      • Aladan57 .

        How so? It plays third person over the shoulder like RE4. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

  • StarveBox_One

    Now do the XBox One, lol

  • Turn Into Liquid

    Is this an english-speaking website?

    “The Order: 1886 is another worse game of PlayStation 4. For long, this
    game was being promoted in a way that it had great visuals”

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  • SHEEKEN6969

    Onechanbara is great man! The hell you talking about?? Or are you disappointed that there are no flamers running around???

  • Aladan57 .

    The Order is a good game. It was just never finished. It ends abruptly. It’s as if the developers ran out of money. It’s a shame, I was getting into the characters and story. It needed at least 5 more hours, but it just ends all of sudden leaving so many plot holes in the story.

    • Mike

      Yeah, most people have never even played it.

  • Aladan57 .

    Driveclub? Really? That’s a great racing game.

  • dark-kyon

    Lmao, half of this list is ridiculous.

  • Russland Nachrichten

    author is gay thats why he hates onechebara

  • Siosal

    Woah woah woah, Driveclub???? That’s the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard! And as disappointing as The Order 1886 might have been, it is in no way a bad game or even among the “worst” PS4 games thus far.

  • Nathan Irwin

    Dude’s entitled to his opinion no matter how wrong you think it is. Just accept it and move on.