A Guide to Migrate Battlefield 4 Graphics And Control Mapping To Battlefield 1

If you are waiting for the Battlefield 1 beta launch or you are from the luckiest people who already got the access to the Battlefield 1 Beta now, you should copy your settings from battlefield 4 to Battlefield 1 to same of your time.

If you have already Battlefield 4 installed you might want to head to

Documents folder > Battlefield 4 > Settings. Under Settings you will find a file names as “PROFSAVE_profile’

this file you need in order to do this.

As the redit usrer Wiidesire stated that all you got to do is tou copy this file into the Battlefield 1, which you can also find under Documents > Battlefield 1

but befire you do this process you need to run Battlefield 1 in order to automatically create these folders. The ‘PROFSAVE_profile’ contains lots of your settings including

  • Graphics settings
  • Mouse/Keyboard settings
  • Controller settings
  • Sensitivity sliders
  • And some other gameplay options


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