A Mouse Designed Only For MMORGPs

We have seen many gaming mouses over the years this latest one from Elecom sure looks very much impressive and it has lots of buttons on it.

mmorpg mouse

This mouse is a part of Elecom’s “Dux” line according to  4Gamer, This mouse is equipped with 19 buttons and it is specially designed for MMORGPs It also has two scroll wheels and a high-speed sensor for quick mouse movements.


It has a wire on it if you see the picture you can see that wire attached to it, well 4gamer explained that this mouse can be used on two PCs at a time toggling back and forth between them (one wired, the other wireless). So you can play on two computers while playing on one and capturing on the other , you can also play two characters at the same time.

If you do not like cables then you can always go wireless and play on just one computer.

The price for this mouse is 14,210 yen (US$116). no international price yet released.

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