ABZU Find Secret Shells Locations Complete Guide

This is a complete location guide for ABZU video game, in this guide we will show you how and where to find all the secret shells. ABZU is a one of a kind idea with the art direction from the psyche behind Journey where the player will encounter a submerged world possessed, delightfully rendered fish and staggeringly far reaching as far as its scene. There are three sorts of collectibles in ABZU and this guide will explain to you the locations for every Secret Shell in the video game.

Secret Shells in ABZU is a collectible elusive and you have to discover every one of the 19 Secret Shells to open the Trophy – Collector. The Secret Shells looks like substantial sparkling white seashells. So with no further ado, how about we start with the Secret Shells Locations.

Chapter 1 Secret Shells

Secret Shell 1

From the very beginning, swim towards the stone through the kelp until you’ve reached the Cliff. Head straight down from the hole and continue taking after the yellow pathway to locate the main Secret Shells. Press “SQUARE” to communicate with it and register.

Secret Shell 2

Head inside the slender hole after the Shark experience, it will take you to huge naval force blue range mind corridor the kelp. Take a left as you enter the hollow chamber and discover this Shell inside.

Secret Shell 3

When you’ve reached in the area with massive rocky towers, you have to check the tower with ‘O’ shape hole and you must swim into it. Do check the tower’s base to grab this shell.

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