ABZU – Unlock all Achievements, Trophies Complete Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock all achievements or trophies in ABZU video game. ABZU is an adventure game created by Giant Squid Studios and published by 505 games for PS4 and PC.

ABZU in old mythologies signifies “Ocean to Know” where players will investigate flawlessly rendered sea situations with liquid swimming controls. There are different collectibles to be found and experience the nature profound inside the ABZU topic. To Complete the game 100% you have to open each one of the trophies and this guide will explain to you proper methods to open every single Trophy in the ABZU video game.

1. Breach – Unlock Leap from the Water

From any Surface, dive down then hold in-game boost to swim towards the top. This Boost will help you to breach the surface nad then jump into the water. May require some practice to do it the correct way.

2. Ballet – Unlock Perform a Flip while riding a Creature

There are plenty of creatures in Abzu that you can ride on, but to complete this objective we recommend to ride a peaceful creature. While riding the creature press ‘Circle’ to perform a flip.

3. Jetstream – Unlock Burst 15 fish schools in the Jetstream

Like creatures there are Jetstreams, but to complete this objective you need the second Jetstream. While on Jetstream you can see schools of fish nearby, all you need to do is aim and burst through the cluster of Fish. To know you’ve broken the school, you can hear a sound and see the light which confirms the break.

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