Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India (Screenshots and Trailer)

The second installment in Assassin’s Creed spin-off series, the upcoming game translates the mechanics into a 2.5D side-scrolling action game, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed story sets in India the year would be 1841. The country would be having conflict between the British and the empire of Sikh who claim right to the Indian territory. With this conflict the game continues its story with the endless war between Templars and Assassins. The Main character you play is named as Abraaz Mir who is a member of Assassin order who tries to care for the Order’s interest in the time of Hardships. The game contains the characteristics of sneaking, melee-combat and those famous acrobatics which makes the Assassin’s Creed one of a kind The shift in player perspective, however, necessitates a different play style, putting more emphasis on tactical thinking and planning your every step.

www.Gry-Online.PL gave us some nice screen shots of Assassin’s Creed India

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Check out the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India Trailer ( Europe )

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