Battlefield 1 Aggressive Scout Class Guide

This guide will show you how to play as aggressive recon using Aggressive Scout Class in Battlefield 1 video game. Aggressive recon is a play style in BF1 used by the scout class.

It got fame in past games of the series, yet it is as helpful now as it was then. Playing the aggressive recon requires a specific level of ability and precision to be viable on the battlefield. You’ll have to be speedy and exact, however it will pay off. This style is exceptionally amusing to utilize, and if played accurately, you can without much of a stretch obliterate the foe group without any assistance and in this guide we will tell you how you can achieve this.

BF1 Aggressive Scout Guide

1. You need to use a sniper rifle with a high rate of fire and lower amplification. You job as a aggressive recon is to dependably remain dynamic and support your group or team. Try not to camp in one spot, dependably be close to your goals.

2. Continuously go for the headshots. Your sniper will kill foes at any range on the off chance that you shoot them in the head. In the event that enemy is not dead with one body shot, rapidly change to your sidearm and kill them off.

3. Handgun is vital in Battlefield 1 specially when you’re playing as aggressive recon. Try different things with various side arms until you have found the ideal one, since side arms will be essential at short range engagements.

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