Battlefield 1 – Field Manuals in Avanti Sovoia Locations Guide

This is a locations guide, will show you how and where to find field manuals in Avanti Sovoia in Battlefield 1 video game. Avanti Savoia is one of the crusades in Battlefield 1. This one happens in the mountains, where you get the chance to wear a power defensive armor. There are 10 field manuals you can get while playing through it. Finding these collectibles will open new codex, and the Conquering the Mountains achievement.

1. O La Vitoria Field Manuals – BF1

  1. Go past the demolished church and towards the town. At the point when the gun explodes the white house, enter it, and you’ll locate the main crate.
  2. The second case or crate is located up the mountain. During climbing, keep your eyes on the incline to your left. You’ll discover a foe hideout made of white stone – this is the place where you will find your collectible.
  3. After you’ve cleared that hideout or camp, leave it and look upward the mountain to your right. You’ll see another closeby. Go towards it, and you’ll locate a shallow, secured trench. Bounce inside and make a U turn, and you’ll see the case with the collectible.
  4. The following one is in the bunker where your target will be to destroy the artillery. Enter that bunker (it’s protected by few soldiers), and turn right. You’ll see the collectible in the corner.
  5. Keep going up the mountain. When you achieve a bend in the road with blockades around it, turn right towards the mountain. You’ll see the collectible under a wooden eave.

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