Battlefield 1 Windows 10 Fix, Quick Level Up and Weapons Guide

This guide will explain how to fix Battlefield 1 on Windows 10, how to quickly level up in BF 1 and how to buy weapons in BF 1.

Battlefield 1 Open beta is at last out worldwide on PS4, X-One and Microsoft Windows. Fans are truly making the most of their time with the tester and are commending DICE for the endeavors they have put into bring their fantasy of a World War subject based Battlefield game into reality.

There are protestations from Battlefield 1 players that it is taking them too long to level up every individual class. The genuine purpose for this issue is that the class level up framework in Battlefield 1 open beta is bugged and the Experience Point (XP) players from just their first match are numbering. As a consequence of it, players will need to leave after each match and hunt down another server keeping in mind the end goal to make the most of their movement.

Gratefully, a way has been found on the best way to Level Up Your Classes Fast, follow the steps given below:

Level up Fast in BF 1

Step 1
You have to play infantry.

Step 2
For the most of your time in the match simply battle at objective C and D. Ensure that you do significantly a greater amount of Capping, Defending, and Attacking flags, it will give you the support as far as a considerable measure of experience points (XP). Remain on the capped area set on the map, in the wake of finishing an objective run to the following, don’t waste even a single second. In the event that the control of the objective C and D is in the hand of your group then go for objective B, and afterward proceed onward to F and afterward last A.

Step 3
Keep in mind to utilize your class gadgets. Keeping in mind the end goal to maximize your points, over and over, do “Spot, Heal, Revive, and Resupply”.

Step 4
As said over, the Class Level framework in beta is bugged. At whatever point the round finishes, leave the server and look for another one, go along with it and play.

Step 5

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