Bayonetta PC Issues And Fixes ( Lag, FPS Fix, Black Screen)

From PlatinumGames’ legendary director Hideki Kamiya of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry fame, SEGA brings one of the most universally acclaimed character action games of all time to PC.

Bayonetta. The last survivor of an ancient witch clan who keep the balance between light, dark and chaos. Entombed to protect herself – and the world as we know it – Bayonetta is discovered and revived after 500 years, sparking a chain of events with cataclysmic repercussions.

Thrust straight into battle, with only one clue to her past, Bayonetta must discover the truth and fight for the future. Her daunting conquest sees her face off against countless angelic enemies and giant foes in a game of 100% pure action.


Error code 0xc000007b in Bayonetta

Install Directx latest version with the help of DirectX End-User Runtimes, that you can find on Microsoft official site

  1. Download Dependency Walker 64bit here –
  2. From program, follow this path View > Full paths. There open Bayonetta.exe, where you will see error, but ignore it, as there will be many different “Error openning file” errors provided in Module section, until errors end to see some values located in columns.
  3. In CPU column all connected .dll files must be x64 for Bayonetta. In case of having x86 dll file you will find it in red CPU column. It is the file that causes 0xc000007b error and also prevents game from launch. You can also manually open up the link and download 64bit version of needed dll file and paste it to Mafia 3 installation directory.

Other DLL error in Bayonetta

To fix all other kind of dll errors at the start of Bayonettayou need to update or install the correct c++ redistributables, it is very important that you dont download the DLL file manually and put it into Bayonetta Directory.

Bayonetta Lags and Crashes while playing

For lag fix all you need to do is to make sure that your system is up to date and it is completing Bayonetta Requirements plus you need to update and install your Nvidia and Radeon Graphics drivers check out our guide below to get your graphics drivers updated automatically via browser updater.


LAG AND FPS FIX for Bayonetta

Try these tweaks to get rid of most of the lag .

  • Disable or enable v-sync from both Bayonetta graphics menu and Nvidia control panel .
  • Turn off the anti-aliasing from the graphics menu.
  • Lower down the Texture quality or resolution.
  • Turn off SSAO quality or lower it down.
  • Lower the graphics resolution

Unlock Bayonetta 30 FPS Fix

Since the game isn’t out yet, nobody has a clue as to how to solve this issue. The three most likely options are:

  • Patch – The developers at Hangar 13 might have a change of heart once they start hearing player complaints. One of the streamers who caught the issue said he talked to a dev about it and that they were “surprised”. Hopefully it’s all a big misunderstanding, and a first week hotfix will clear it up.
  • Ini file changes – PC being what it is, it might be that the setting can be easily changed by editing an .ini file. This is probably the first thing that will be checked once the PC version has launched.
  • Mod – If the first two don’t work out, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable member of the community might offer a solution by way of mod. Of course, this depends on how receptive the game is to modding and how well received it is – somebody has to care enough in order to work on an unofficial fix.

To be continued…

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