COD Black Ops 3 – Zombie Revelations All Hats Locations Guide

This guide will show you where and how to find all hats in COD Black Ops 3 originally known as Call of Duty Black Ops III video game.

COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelation highlights different Hats which can change players look and give some special reward. There are 6 sorts of caps are found in Black Ops 3 Revelation and unlock the ‘Wardrobe Change Achievement. Look at some information we have with respect to finding the Location of Hats.

in COD Black Ops 3, the hats are identified with the past zombie maps. When you wear a hat, it changes your looks as well as the whole character and shows off your adjustment in the thumbnail profile picture. You will need to have each of the 3 hats to procure “Wardrobe Change” trophy. Not at all like the Gorod Krovi, Hats are not similar to Helmets, You can find hats without defeating the zombie boss. You will need to get 3 hats just to open the “Wardrobe Change” achievement.

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