CODIW – Find Pack a Punch Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find pack a punch in CODIW video game originally known as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

The Pack-a-Punch Machine is a utility fueled by Element 115 found in each Zombies map of COD series. The Pack-a-Punch Machine permits your weapons to be updated up to better forms and fortunately you can now find this Machine in Spaceland Map.

There are 3 straightforward methods you have to follow so as to get to the mystery portal – Projection Room. Each one of the individuals who are new to the Zombie Map, we prescribe you to attempt this Pack-a-Punch Machine first to get your weapon helped with updates. Ergo, how about we start with the guide below? 😀

1. Power up Generator

In the Spaceland Map, you have to Power Up the Generators so as to activate the location. There are 4 areas or locations: Galaxy Journey, Polar Peak, Astrocade, and Kepler System. So power up the generators now.

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