Creators Of Life Is Strange Introduce Vampyr


DONTNOD is developing a game called Vampyr they are the creators of the games Remember Me and Life is Strange which were the most exciting titles of this year. Vampyr will be an action RPG with lots of elements, the gloomy environment and the old London of early XX century awaits the player. Not so much known about this game but as the Director of Vamoyr Phillipat Moreau said “Originally, DONTNOD had this idea of creating a game around the vampire theme. I quickly came up with the concept of a young vampire doctor hero forced to kill the people he once helped in order to survive. I really liked the idea of putting the players in vampire shoes to experiment all the cruelty of this day-to-day condition”

. Later Stephane then joined the project and brought their wild ideas. Philippe Moreau said We chose this interwar epidemic setting because it fits our purpose and storyline. We were specifically interested in all the science progress and discoveries that emerged at the time. It is truly an inspiring period of time that serves our main character development and motivations.

The Narrative Director Stephane Beauverger said: We found it very interesting to create a scientist character who is used to dealing with medical and physical principles, to put him in a situation of deadly epidemic emergency… and suddenly let him discover that some Supernatural things lurk in the shadows! Thus, the Spanish Flu epidemic, just by the end of the Great War, is a perfect setting for us, since it is not so common, during this era, to look at the world with a 100% rational attitude.

In anothe interview Grégory Szucs who is the Art director of Vampyr said: The visuals of Vampyr are about realistic rendering creating a unique dark and brutal world with state of the art lighting and post processes with some stylized, think ‘impressionistic’, elements. We consider the art style of the teaser to be continuation and extension of this and you can expect to see more of it in the cutscenes or other storytelling vehicles in the game.

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