Deaths Caused By Video Games In Real Life

While you play games an observer might see you sitting relaxed on a chair or in an Internet cafe, but in reality your mind and body are going through  pretty intense  phases, and in result many unfortunate gamers who’ve paid a high health toll for their passion of gaming. Here are the 5 Heartbreaking video games related stories that tells us that you cannot press continue in real life.


5- World of Warcraft –  Child neglect death

MMORPGs  have a reputation for making people addicted to them, some of whom neglected their real life responsibilities so that they can lost in the fantasy world. The story of Rebecca Colleen Christie offers a worst-case scenario: she spent such an inordinate amount of time playing Warcraft that she allowed her three-year-old daughter to starve to death. Prosecutors found that Christie had just engaged in a nonstop 15-hour WOW session prior to finally calling 911 for her daughter, who was found unresponsive. She was  sentenced to 25 years in prison for the crime.


4 – Death By Wii

Nintendo Wii was  hard to get in the US In 2007, Sacramento-based radio station KDND decided to run a contest giving one of the consoles away. The challenge: drink an inordinate amount of water without urinating, with whoever leaked last winning the Wii. As  it’s possible to die from water intoxication Jennifer Strange, a participant in that event, collapsed and died once she returned home after failing to win the prize. The station fired ten employees and they lost a $16 million lawsuit.



3- FarmVille –  Murder Of a Child

Yes, even FarmVille had a history of deaths. Alexandra Tobias, a 22-year-old mother,her addiction to FarmVille was too much that while playing she shook her three-month-old son to death in 2011 because he was crying while she was playing and it interrupted her game. Tobias, who received a 50-year prison sentence for her actions, at some points she confessed to a fellow inmate that she hit her baby’s head against the computer monitor in the process of trying to shake him into silence.

2- Legend of Mir 3: Murder In Sleep

Another MMORPG incident with seriously messed-up real-life coonsiquence, two Legend of Mir players Zhu Caoyuan And Qiu Chengwei both earned a very rare Dragon Sabre sword in-game, but Zhu had other plans for that sword and he decided to sell the sword on eBay in 2005 without Qiu’s permission. Earning around $870 for the sale, the two players couldn’t come to a reasonable agreement as to proper disbursal of payment for the sword, so Qiu stabbed Zhu to death while he was sleeping.

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1- EverQuest – Suicide

EverQuest, also called  EverCrack” or “NeverRest” by its many dedicated fans, is an MMORPG which is very much addicted after WOW, even catalyzing the formation of support groups for people whose relationships suffered from their partner’s addiction to the game. Shawn Woolley took his EverQuest passion to the extreme level in 2002, he quite his job. After and ignored Thanksgiving invitation from his family, his relatives found Woolley dead in front of his computer from a self-inflicted shotgun wound while EverQuest still running on his computer. The reasons are Still unknown why Woolley took his own life , but it’s been said that it might be related to to a bad in-game relationship.



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