Destiny – Get Legendry Sparrow Lysanders Cry Guide

This guide will show you how to get your hands on legendry sparrow Lysander’s Cry in Destiny Video game.Lysander’s Cry is a latest sparrow in Destiny. It was included for The Dawning occasion, and it’s remaining for good. It won’t be anything strange with regards to details, however it has a superb lime green paint-job.

With a specific end goal to get the mystery sparrow, you’ll have to gather another dead ghost from a specific place. The procedure is direct, however discovering all the right spots to research may be a torment.

1. Bannerfall Dead Ghost

To begin with you’ll have to discover the Ghost Fragment in Bannerfall. It’s another dead ghost – not the one from some time recently. You don’t really need to play Crucible for genuine – you can begin a private match and go in alone. It’s in a workshop on the Concordat side, close-by Bravo spawn, covered up on a shelf behind some crates. When you lift it up, it’ll give you the Lysander’s Cry Grimoire Card.

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