Destiny Rise of Iron – Felwinter Peak Puzzle Guide

This guide will explain what to do or how to beat the Felwinter Peak Jumping puzzle in Destiny Rise of Iron video game.

Felwinter Peak is the new social location in Destiny Rise of Iron. You can exchange and meet different players there, however what makes it not quite the same as other social locations is a secret jumping puzzle. It prompts a summit high up on the mountain, and once you beat it, you’ll get a Dormant SiVA cluster.

Despite everything we have no clue what these collectibles will be utilized for, however they’ll most likely be essential. There’s some theory they will be utilized for acquiring new, high level armour or weapons. This one will be possible when you achieve the zone or location, and you’ll just need a touch of ability and a bundle of ingenuity.

Before you start, ensure you prepare all the stuff you have that expands agility. This will give you a slight help when bouncing or jumping, making the puzzle slightly less demanding. The main general recommendation we can give you is to be watchful. There will in some cases be rocks above you, in the event that you knock your head against them while bouncing, they may sling you into the abyss.

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