Destiny Rise of Iron Find all Dead Ghost Collectibles Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find all the crucible dead ghosts collectible locations in Destiny Rise of Iron.

Crucible Dead Ghosts are one of the most important collectibles you can get in Destiny Rise of Iron. They are covered up over the PvP maps. There’s 1 on each – 26 on Xbox, 27 on PS. In the event that you would prefer not to play Crucible matches against different players, there’s a simple workaraound that will permit you to get them. Each one you get will open another Grimoire section, giving you more knowledge into the legend.

In case you’re not happy with playing PvP, you can begin private matches in Crucible all alone, without welcoming anybody. This will permit you to explore the map unhindered and gather all the collectibles. Continuously pick Capture as the game mode, since it has 3 points you can use for introduction.

Ergo are you ready? Lets begin!

1. Dead Ghost – Asylum

Once you spawn, move down the long passageway driving towards point C. Once you pass the tree and achieve the end, turn to your right and go into the building. Now you have to turn left and search for the collectible in the grass in the far right corner.

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