Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Mechanical Palisade Bank Puzzle Guide

This guide will explain to all the Deus Ex fans how to break, crack or solve the mechanical palisade bank puzzle in Deus Ex Mankind Divided and what bonuses you’re getting after solving this puzzle.

Mechanical Puzzle in Palisade Bank is more or less a test in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. You can find it either by exploring the Deus Ex world, or by playing side mission S05: Samizdat. It’s a puzzle with segments that light up when you move them. When you place them in the right positions, a shrouded entryway will open, giving you a chance to go into a room with extraordinary plunder aka loot, similar to a Praxis unit and a bit of Breach Software. It can be truly befuddling.

In the event that you’ve effectively tried solving it, you should most likely load your last saved game before you experienced it. It’s difficult to restart, and the video demonstrates to solve it from a default position.

You can likewise circumvent it, by entering the vent behind the huge screen in the room. The vent will lead you to an service tunnel. On the off chance that you go down via ladder, you’ll discover another vent in the roof that goes straight to the mystery room. The catch with this technique is that you need to have expanded jump height. In the event that you would prefer not to put resources into that specific augmentation, watch the video on next page to help you break the puzzle.

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