Deus Ex MD – All Praxis Kits Collectibles Locations Guide

This post is a complete collectible locations guide for all the Praxis Kits, in this guide we will show you how and where to find all Praxis kits in Deus Ex MD or Mankind Divided.

Praxis Kits are collectibles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Whenever utilized, they permit you to open the genuine capability of installed augments. Every praxis unit or kit will give you one praxis, which can be utilized to update your most loved augs, or purchase new ones. They can be acquired from facilities, found in concealed stores amid missions or got through side missions.

This guide contains all the Praxis Kits located in South Prague, North Prague, Golem City, Palisade Bank and much more. Check out the details below!

1. South Prague – All Praxis Kits

1. As you leave Jensen’s flat, go down the stairs just one story. Go into the flat with the eviction notice on the entryway. Overlook  man on the love seat and search for a shrouded stash in the floor close to the window. The praxis pack will be inside.

2. You can purchase 2 Praxis from trader Tars in Zelen flat no. 21. Each Praxis costs 10000 credits and on the off chance that you execute Tars you won’t have the capacity to plunder them from him.

3. Go to the Time Machine book shop found east in Prague’s south center point (Capek Station). Enter through the fundamental entryway, then take the stairs to the upper floor. Now once there, you gotta crawl under the toppled shelf into the primary office, and pull the red book on the shelf behind the work table. Utilize the lift to get into Koller’s inward sanctum. As you leave the lift you’ll see painting posters (rock band posters) on the wall to 1 side. Move the furthest right painting to access a vent, and tail it. After you break the safe, you’ll get the Praxis pack.

4. There is 1 praxis kit in the Church of the Machine God territory of the level. You can enter the complex just amid your second visit to Prague as a major aspect of the principle mission “Confronting the Bomb-Maker” (or after on the off chance that you missed it that time). You have to achieve the highest point of the flat complex where Allison is. Over her PC is a storage location you can reach with the bouncing or jumping augmentation.

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