Dishonored 2 All Blueprints Locations Guide

This guide is all about Blueprints locations in Dishonored 2 video game.Blueprints are important things you can gather in Dishonored 2. These schematics permit you to purchase or update weapons and hardware at the underground market. Getting them will gradually expand your weapons store and open up more open doors for both stealth and innovative executes. They can be elusive, as they mix in pleasantly in many places.

When you need to go through the blueprints you’ve gathered, you’ll have to locate an underground market known as black market. The man at the counter can create updates taking after the schematics you bring him, giving you a chance to upgrade your outfit, weapons and other hardware. It’s going to cost you, however, so ensure you’ve brought enough coin.

Edge of the World Blueprints Locations – Mission 2

1. Fire Hardening Treatment

In the Overseer Offices. Move up to the 3rd floor, where the safe is. The blueprint is on the table in the substantial room with the terrace. Keep an eye out for the Overseers.

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