Dishonored 2 – All Safe Codes Guide

This guide will show you all the safe codes and how to unlock in all safes and get rewards in Dishonored 2 video game.

Safe codes in Dishonored 2 will permit you to open different safes crosswise all over Karnaca. They’ll in some cases contain runes, different times gold or bone charms, however each one of the safe you open will have something profitable inside. It merits opening up each one, however the number successions used to open them are regularly well covered up.

In the event that you wish to do it the most difficult way possible, you can locate each one of them recorded in an indiscreet note, a journal or a bit of authority correspondence. It’s interesting how the general population of Karnaca feel safe writing down numbers that can permit other individuals to see they have blasphemous antiques. In the event that you can’t be pestered with that, will help you get it over with as effortlessly as could be allowed.

Mission 1 – Long Day in Dunwell

Steel Monitor Safe Location

After you leave Dunwall tower made the primary kill from the air and have those 3 folks getting orders from a guard. Clutch the left. Get inside the house with a huge “For Rent” sign. Murder one watcher and there’s a safe in the room.

Code Location: Behind the painting on the right.
Rewards: 2x Silver Ingot, Pistol, 2x Pistol bullets.

Mission 2 – Edge of the World

Winslow Safe Location

In the store over the street from Addermire station, in the southwestern corner of the map. You’ll see it on the ground floor, close to the back. You can enter the store from a back rear way, in the event that you need to abstain from being seen.

Code location: In the cash register, in the same shop.
Rewards: Bone charm, Gold ingot, Silver ingot x2, Pistol, Pistol bullets.

Overseer Office Safe Location

In the Overseer Offices, over the trench from the building with the monsterous Sized! banner. It’s in the Vice Overseer’s office. The building is abounding with religious enthusiasts, so ensure you either remain beyond anyone’s ability to see, or have enough capability to manage the probe.

Code location: Written on a piece of paper, left on the desk in the darkened room next to the large office (on the same floor where the safe is).
Rewards: Rune, 3x Silver ingot, Raw whalebone.

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