Dishonored 2 – Corvo and Emily Powers Guide

This guide will show you all the details about Corvo and Emily powers in Dishonored 2 video game.Corvo and Emilyare both playable protagonists in Dishonored 2 game with interesting arrangements of powers. Those powers or forces were given to them by an Outsider an indication of Void that speaks to the source of every magic. Not much is thought about that being, but rather he denote the general population that he supposes can change the world in any angle, great or terrible.

Corvo Powers

Blink Move forward rapidly Increased movement distance in all directions
Windblast Gust of wind that shatters doors and deflects projectiles Kill foes if blown against solid objects
Devouring Swarm Summon rats that attack enemies and devour bodies Can summon two swarms, or one really big. Rats can be controlled to follow you.
Possession Assume control of a host for a short time Can posses people. Can possess corpses. Flying is possible if you possess a bloodfly.
Dark Vision See better in the darkness. Observe living things through the walls Weapons, mechanisms and other items of interest can be seen
Bend Time Slow time for a short duration Stop time fully and control it

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