Dishonored 2 Find Bone Charms Locations Guide

This location guide will show you where and how to find Bone Charms collectibles in Dishonored 2 video game.Bone charms are a sort of knickknack you can discover in Dishonored 2.

Wearing them will influence your traits, skills and powers. They can be found in different spots, additionally made. These collectibles can be hard to discover, since they’re unlawful both creators and owners of bone charms are criminally indicted in the Dishonored 2.

Find Bone Charms Locations

You’ll for the most part discover them in the homes of poor people. The well off have no requirement for otherworldy help, all things considered. It’s the disappointed that are after the Outsider’s blessings. Look in the concealing spots of vagrants, ship hulls, dilapidated houses.

Sweethearts of the occult can likewise possess them, once in a while. At whatever point you stumble over a occult sanctuary, ensure you explore the area and look for it, in the event that there’s a charm there also.

In case you’re playing as Emily, you can likewise utilize the bone charm crafting skill to make your own. You’ll require raw whale bone for this, and in addition a great deal of charms you can dismantle to take in their attributes.

While you’re looking, make a point to utilize the Heart broadly. It will point you towards collectibles both runes and charms. It won’t let you know the correct areas, however it will manage you towards the general region where the prize is covered up. Search for a red, throbbing spot on your screen the greater the spot or dot, the nearer the charm.

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