Divinity Original Sin 2 – Unlock All Side Quests Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock all the side quests in Divinity Original Sin 2 video game. Divinity Original Sin II is an RPG video game, which is for PC, authoritatively scheduled to dispatch in December 2016 this year. The game was released as early access on Steam on last September fifteenth, 2016.

Bishop Alexandar the Innocent announces all sorcerers to be offenders, so a gathering of four magicians set out on a journey to overcome him.

The player will have the capacity to pick their character’s details, race and root story and can enroll up to three friends to help them. Skill crafting framework permits players to blend and change their aptitudes.

There are numerous side missions or quests which are accessible in Divinity Original Sin 2. Each mission or quest offers you diverse bonuses and distinctive experience. The quests appear to be confusing at times as they don’t have symbols to know which one is having side quests. Check out our detailed guide below!

List of Fort Joy Ghetto Side Quests:

  1. Every Mothers Nightmare
  2. Most Dangerous When Cornered
  3. The Cursed Ring
  4. The Imprisoned Elf
  5. The Murderous Ghiest
  6. The Purged Dragon
  7. The Shakedown
  8. The Teleporter
  9. The Vault Of Braccus Rex
  10. Withermoores Soul Jar

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