Easy Steps To Install A Custom Rom Into An Android Device

Rooting an android device can be a complicated and a delicate process , it involves some risk like bricking or more bugs but most of the custom ROMS are bug free and very stable, you can try the following easy to do process to install a custom ROM into you’re device.

Make sure you know your device’s model before installing a custom ROM, if you know the model make sure you are installing the correct recovery into the phone after rooting it

  • You’re device
  • An SD card
  • Custom recovery installed (Click here to Install Custom recovery)
  • Your device must be rooted ( Click here for the best rooting Apps and softwares )
  • Download a custom ROM
  • Format Your Device (Restart your phone and run it in recovery mode and format it )
  • Make sure you format caches too
  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable
  • From Recovery select mount
  • Your PC will open up your SD card
  • Paste the downloaded ROM into the root of your SD card
  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • Go back to the recovery
  • Goto “Install zip from SD card”
  • select the root of you’re SD card
  • Click on the ROM file which should be in .ZIP file format
  • The ROM will start installing if it is an AROMA installer , it will show you the complete installing wizard

Some ROMS format the phone automatically while installing the them . After its installed your device will restart automatically , if not then you have to restart it manually , make sure you format your phone before doing all of this or else the device might get stuck on the boot loop and you wont be able to get pass the boot screen (Logo Screen) .

Warnings: Make sure you do not disconnect your USB cable or turn off You’re PC while in between the installation process , otherwise you will end up with a bricked phone.

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