Fallout 4 Nuka World – All Outfits and New Armor Locations Guide

This location’s guide will show you where and how to find all the outfits and new armor in Fallout 4 Nuka World video game.

In Fallout 4 Nuka-world, the player will discover numerous showcasing motivated gear, Nuka-cola power Armor, garments and jumpsuits and so on around the post-apocalyptic pack. You can take on the appearance as you like with new clothing and latest armor. You can experiment with numerous COOL outfits in here. Significantly Raider gangs have their own particular outfits.

Lets have a look at the details below!

1. Western Outfit

In the Nuka-world, When you go up against “High Noon at the Gulch” journey, you will get this by Sheriff Hawk in the Dry Rock Gulch.

  • Bonus: +1 CHR.

2. Cappy Glasses

In the Nuka-world, when finishing “Cappy in a Haystack” quest, you will get it by Sierra Petrovita.

  • Bonus: Eyewear allows to see secret cappy pictures in the Park.

3. Hubologist Outfit

In the Hubologist’s camp, if you somehow find 5 space suits in the “Trip to the Stars” quest, you will be rewarded with this.

4. Nuka-Girl Rocket suit

In the Galactic zone, You will discover it on animatronic riding the rocket in the exact exit area of Nuka-Galaxy.

  • Bonus: It helps in breathing under water and +1 CHR.

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