FFXV Find All Broken Cars Locations Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find all broken cars locations in FFXV video game, originally known as Final Fantasy XV (15).

FFXV broken cars locations guide shows where you can discover and help those in need. The ones that have a broken vehicles, at any rate. Not at all like numerous opposite side quests, these ones are not shown on the map. You’ll need to approach and talk with the broken car individuals to begin the missions.

Important Notes

  • To begin the Broken Cars missions, you’ll need to discover individuals remaining beside their broken vehicles. They are typically situated near the fundamental street or main road. Converse with them, and you’ll begin the mission.
  • You can recognize these tragic individuals amid day and night. Their showing is not time based.
  • There are a few requirements for them to appear. Some of them won’t appear in the event that you haven’t finished certain broken auto missions or progressed through the primary story.
  • There are numerous areas all through Leide, Duscae and Cleigne where you can discover them all. To visit every one of their areas shown on next page, you’ll have to advance with the principle story for a bit. It is sure that you’ll have to come to the heart of the matter where you have to set sail for Altissia to get them all.
  • To repair broken autos, you’ll require a repair kit. These packs can be purchased from the many shops and sellers. It costs 100 gil. The ones that are well on the way to offer it are found close to the gas stations.
  • Mission prizes are poor, however with the brief timeframe contributed, they are profitable.

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