FFXV Fishing Locations Guide

This guide will show you all the fishing spots locations in Final Fantasy XV video game also known as FFXV.FFXV Fishing spots are spots where Noctis can sharpen his actual exchange fishing. Fishing is an ability the hero of Final Fantasy XV has, which can be updated and made utilization of at these specific spots.

Fishing is not only an extraordinary side interest for the prince, however it likewise rewards him with AP, and various types of fish which can then be utilized as a part of creating and cooking formulas. As you do it more, you’ll show signs of improvement at it, gradually advancing from a beginner fisher, to a fantastic fisherman.


One of the spots can be found in Galdin Quay, the station with the ship benefit it’s the place you’ll meet Ardyn Izunia surprisingly. To arrive from Hammerhead garrage, go south-west until you hit the drift, then take after the southern street to your goal. As you stop before the resort, you’ll see a notice barricade ahead. There’s a little, wooden dock on the beach to right of it this is the place you ought to go on the off chance that you need to fish.

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