FFXV – Pears, Secret Chocobo Colours Locations Guide

This guide will show you how and where to find Pears Collectibles locations in FFXV video game originally known as Final Fantasy XV (15). Pears are secret kind of collectibles found in FFXV video game which unlock secret colours for chocobos.These pears are covered up alongside the principle race track. To win or to gather the pear, that is the issue, we’re going to answer in this guide.

It gives the idea that the pears will now and then just show up contingent upon the race, weather or time of day.

1. Doman Pear – FFXV

This mystery colour pear is found in the northern side of the track. When you begin the race, turn left, pass the rough fence and travel upper east. Continue going along these lines until you go over a part of the race track once more. While moving forward, you’ll see 2 bigger rock formations. On the ground between them is the Doman Pear.

Race Name Secret Color Name Notes Description
vs. Prompto Cerulean & Sky Blue Early in the morning, rainy weather an exotic sky-colored hue

2.Xelphatol Pear

Follow the race marks, you’ll be guided toward the southern side of the track. There is a little wooden shack with a few barrels. Bounce over the race fence and go to the close-by rocks. There must be an old, wooden fence. Tail it, however keep near the stones or rocks. It is fairly difficult to recognize the Xelphatol pear, as it nearly mixes into the environment.

Race Name Secret Color Name Notes Description
vs. Gladiolus Crimson & Cinnabar The hardest to find. an exotic red hue

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