FFXV – Unlock All Outfits, Clothing Locations and Lists Guide

This guide show you how to unlock all outfits – clothing and how to find ’em in FFXV video game originally known as Final Fantasy XV (15).

In the Final Fantasy XV, there are distinctive cool looking outfits are accessible for Noctis and his companions. Every character can get 2 accessories that match the series’s staples. Be that as it may, Noctis can get more number of outfits than Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto as he is the Prince. By sprucing up, alongside change in visual, every outfit offers some joined details.

Outfits of Noctis:

1. Casual Outfit

  • Unlock – Default
  • Effect – Prevents mollified, shocked statues, disenchanted, frozen and burnt.

2. Casual Outfit (no jacket)

  • Unlock – Default
  • Effect – Critical rate +20%

3. Princes Fatigues

  • Unlock – Main Quest: Reunion and Recovery
  • Effect – Max HP +20%

4. Princes Fatigues (no jacket)

  • Unlock – Default
  • Effect – Strength/Magic +20%

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