Final Fantasy XV – Car Customization Regalia Guide

This guide will show you how to customize your car Regalia in Final Fantasy XV video game. Final Fantasy XV or FF 15 Car Customization permits you to change the look of your vehicle in the Final Fantasy game.

It’s a framework that gives you a chance to change a ton of stuff on the Regalia, including the paint, haggles inside. It likewise gives you a chance to slap on decals in a few spots. This will make the auto feel more one of a kind.

With a specific end goal to begin rolling out improvements, you’ll need to go to the Hammerhead Garage and converse with Cindy, the young lady in the yellow jumpsuit.

She’ll offer you 2 options – to repair or modify the Regalia. Pick the 2nd one, and you’ll be confronted with the customization options. This is what is standing by:

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