Final Fantasy XV – Travelling and Transportation Guide

This guide will show you how to travel and use transports in FFXV video game originally known as Final Fantasy XV. The most effective method to travel in Final Fantasy XV has basic arrangements. Having such an extraordinary open world requires a conventional method of transportation. The Final Fantasy XV group gave us a few alternatives to bail us out. From straight by walking, to Regalia driving and flying, to Chocobo riding and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As you advance through the video game, you can travel quicker.


Exploring the biggest Final Fantasy XV world you’ll have to do some genuine footwork. Toward the very beginning of FFXV, you’ll need to make those dresses messy, with all the strolling and running.

  • It gets a bit easier as you repair your car – Regalia
  • It’s even easier when you rent a Chocobo
  • Inevitably your true objective is to discover and update Regalia to a flying Airship. This Airship, set apart as a Regalia Type-F, is a definitive kind of transportation
  • The speediest approach to travel is to utilize the map quick travel alternative. This alternative gives you access to quick go to the last rest point, the car… This choice limits you to the last visited area, yet in any case, you’ll see it more than valuable.
  • To make the travelling more interesting, there are some good livens also. They are all found in the exploration ascension grid. Once took in, these advantages give the player an extra AP and experience points for spending. They give these points as a reward for long outings in the car, or by Chocobo. The ascension grid capacities or abilities have entirely clever names too: Roadrunning (get AP for long trips in the car), Roadlife (get experience for long drives in the car), Chocobump (get AP for long outings by Chocobo) and the sky is the limit from there.

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