Functions Of The Legendary Weapons Effect In Fallout 4

While playing Fallout 4 you encounter many powerful monsters who are very tougher to kill but when you kill them they drop off some sweet legendary weapons, you will know the legendary weapons by the name “Assassins” or “Hunters”. The following the list of all the effects of the weapons and what they do.

Fallout 4 Legendary Weapons Effects


Assassin’s: 50 Percent more damage against humans

Automatic : This will add an automatic mode to the gun

Berserker’s: The lower your damage resistance, the higher the damage output of the weapon.

Bloodied: The lower the player’s health, the higher the damage output of the weapon.

Cavalier’s: Damage reduced by 15 percentage when sprinting or blocking.

Crippling: More Limb Damage , 50% more

Enraging: causes the target to frenzy if it hits a critical damage

Explosive: On impact the bullets will explode, dealing area of effect damage of 15 points.

Exterminator’s: When use against Mirelurks, Radroaches and other bugs, It deals an additional 50 percent damage when used against.

Freezing: Deals 10 point of Cryo damage and its Critical hit will freeze the enemy.

Furious: Deals more damage the more you hit the target.

Ghoul Slayer’s: An additional 50 percentage damage against Ghouls.

Hunter’s: 50 percent more damage to animals.

Incendiary: Sets enemy on fire while adding an additional 15 points of damage.

Instigating: Any enemy with health will get extra damage.

Irradiated: More 50 points of radiation damage.

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