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Prey Cheats And Guides

Unlimited Materials If you’re lacking materials to fabricate extra weapons, ammo, and medkits – there is a way to recycle materials into even more materials. To do this, interact with any Recycler and transfer...


Prey Beginners Tips And Tricks

In Prey, Talos 1 can be a dangerous place, and in order to help you survive, we’ve compiled the best Tips and Tricks to fight off the Typhon invasion. Recycle Today, Fabricate Tomorrow While...


Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Decryption Puzzle Sollution And Guide

Mass Effect: Andromeda Vaults have Sudoku-like puzzles. Below you’ll find a guide to Remnant Decryption puzzles. Below is the solution: of the Ryder’s Journey where Rhyder finds the first Remnant.   Use the scanner to follow up...