Gwent – Earn Currency, Cash, Money Guide

This guide will show you how you can earn in-game currency in Gwent video game, how the currencies in Gwent work, how much they are worth etc.

Gwent uses in-game cash or currency for creating cards and purchasing card kegs. This implies you can procure Gwent cards by winning matches and leveling your account. Obviously, you can extend your card gathering faster by spending genuine cash on card barrels.

There are 2 important Gwent currencies in Gwent that you can get by playing. The first is Ore. Ore is utilized to purchase card kegs. The second one is Scraps. Scraps are utilized for creating cards or crafting ’em.

1. Earn Gwent Ore

There are different ways you can get Ore in Gwent. The main way is leveling your account. Each time you win a match, you pick up experience. At specific checkpoints, you will get a reward. Contingent upon the checkpoint, you can get up to 15 Ore. You will likewise get bonus Ore when you achieve a full level.

The second approach to win Ore is by getting the Good Game (or Gwent Game) remunerate from your adversary toward the end of a match. This can net you 5 Ore. The price of one card keg is 100 Ore.

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