Hitman Episode 4 Complete Walkthrough Guide

This guide will show you the most easy and best way to finish Hitman Episode 4. In this guide, we will explain the most ideal approach to eliminate Jordan Cross and Ken Morgan in Hitman Episode 4.

Hitman Episode 4 happens outside Bangkok (Thailand) in Himmapan Luxury Hotel Resort on the Chao Phraya River. You 1st target is the lead Singer of The Class – Jordan Cross who has gotten away from the equity from the homicide of the on-screen actress, Hannah Highmoore. The secondary target is Ken Morgan who is a corporate Fixer and Attorney. He was the specialist who concealed Hannah Highmoore’s homicide and set Jordan free.

What we Need?

Starting with the Planning, we need:

  • Concealed Weapon – ICA19
  • Suit – Casual Suit
  • Starting Location – Riverside Landing
  • Gear 1 – Coin
  • Gear 2 – Fiber Wire

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