Hitman – Showstopper, Public Speaker Assassination Guide

This guide will show you how to assassinate the public speaker  in Hitman’s Paris based the Showstopper level. Hitman’s Paris-based level The Showstopper is packed with different ways to take down its two targets. There’s dangerous electrical audio/visual equipment everywhere too – so why not arrange an unfortunate accident? Better still, your first accident kill on the level will net some bonus experience…

This test is pleasant and simple, it just obliges you to drop a speaker on the clueless Victor Novikov as he makes his rounds.

Victor and his bodyguard walk a genuinely set course around the Paris level. They stay inside the working generally and unless something motivates them to do else they’ll walk a lap of the changing rooms through to behind the catwalk, then the kitchens, then the bar, then into the fundamental space to see the catwalk from the front. On the off chance that nothing diverts them they’ll stroll again into the changing or dressing rooms. Victor’s a control crack, and invests a large portion of his energy scolding his workers for how they’re doing.

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