Inside Wiki Guide – Find All Secret balls Locations Guide

This guide will show you how to find all the secret balls locations in Inside video game. Here you will discover details of each of the 14 mystery locations with the strange balls to deactivate. These are likewise all achievements to unlock. They are likewise required for unlocking the hidden, alternative ending for the game.

In numerous, of not all, spots, you will be educated of their nearness with yellow cables. They will help you achieve these balls. The balls are gleaming on the off chance that you haven’t unlocked them. In the event that a ball isn’t shining, then it appears you did it some time recently.

when you see the alternative hidden ending, all insider facts or secrets will reset. You can gather them once more. This will permit you to see the alternative hidden ending once more.

Lets have a look at the details below!

1. Murky Waters

The main ball can be acquired in the forest, when you will escape from 3 dogs and you will hop into the water. Swim as far to one side as could be allowed and after that dive. There will be a vast corridor prompting the cavern. Enter the left above floor and begin moving the huge wooden log. When you drop it, you will make a scaffold to the ball. Presently hold it and draw to finish the main hidden objective.

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