Just Cause 3 Unique Vehicles

You can pick up vehicles as well as the weapons including tanks, fighter planes and helicopters, most of the vehicles can be unlocked by driving and  saving them in you’re garage but some of them are unique and can be unlocked by taking over military bases, by doing this it will give you access to the most armored vehicles to summon and drive around.

The list below shows the vehicles you can unlock in unique way and save them by delivering them to you’re garage.




This motorcycle is resistant to damage (not a lot ) and it definatly has the best handling, and this makes this motorcycle perfect for off road driving.

How to unlock: You need to take over the Cava Grande Secunde base in Prospere province.

Base coordinates: 45.245N, 39.815E

Off-road vehicles

Improved GESCHWIND – You can get this by getting the reward for performing stunt jumps.

Improved KLETTERER – It is a reward for performing stunt jumps also.

MONSTER TRUCK INCENDIARIO – Reward for performing stunt jumps.

Combat vehicles



Very fast but small and light armored, you can also positin a rebel inside and it is great when driving off road.

How to unlock: By taking over the Le Tutor base in Sirocco Nord province.

Base coordinates: 39.952N, 41.759E



An off road vehicle with a nice machine gun installed on it

How to unlock: take over the Porto Le Gratia base in Lavanda province.

Base coordinates: 41.232N, 42.278E



A Vehicle which is combat enabled and has a nice armor with a  good speed, you can take two rebels inside it and one can be the machine gun operator.

How to unlock: By Taking over the Cava Geminos Sud base in Rocca Blaud province.

Base coordinates: 47.289N, 33.590E



A good combination of armor and the possibility to take backup rebels, has a machine gun. Thanks to that, before leaving the vehicle you can use it to eliminate the closest enemies.

How to unlock: take over the Cima Leon: Silos base in Lacos province.

Base coordinates: 41.357N, 43.561E



A very good vehicle for transporting soldiers if you need there help somewhere. The truck is very durable and it does not have any weapons but it can  take up to 12 people inside of it.

How to unlock:  By taking over the Cava Geminos Est base in Rocca Blaud province.

Base coordinates: 47.538N, 34.628E

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