Just Cause 3 Unique weapons

When you start the game you got equipted with good but not so good weapons but you eventualy find the weapons from green drawers or military bases or police stations, the best weapon allows you to do more distruction and full fill your mayhem desire  if you met the specific conditions

On the below list you will find weapons that must be unlocked before you can use them in Rebel drops.

Rocket launchers

1- UVK – 13

Shoots a single rocket, it is usefull against armed vehicles  and can be more effected if you get it early in the game.

How to unlock: take over the Vigilator Sud base in the Sirocco Sud province.

Base coordinates: 38.428N, 41.598E


2- Fire Leach RPG

Shoots eight small rockets which allows you to target few target, this weapon is perfect against medium sized military stuff and large group of enemies.

How to unlock: You need to take control of Cava Geminos Nord base in the Rocca Blaud province.

Base coordinates: 48.026N, 33.954E



This weapon is good for eliminating helicopters and tanks, it shot 5 missiles at once . It makes destroying large objects in military bases much easier.

How to unlock: take over the Cava Grande base in the Prospere province.

Base coordinates: 45.651N, 40.622E


Grenade launchers



It is a grenade launcher which is effective on large number of enemies and very effective on certain armored vehicles.

How to unlock: take over the Le Galera base in Sirocco Sud province.

Base coordinates: 36.937N, 44.278E


2- UPU-210

This weapon is the better version of  the previous grenade launcher it shoots six missile. Due to that, it is very effective against combat vehicles and in destroying larger objects.

How to unlock: take over the Espia Bassa base in Petra province.

Base coordinates: 42.031N, 36.760E

Sniper rifles



Thisis a  sniper rifle which allows you to take kill targets from far away. It can be useful if you cannot get to an area and you need to eliminate enemies , so you can do it from far.

How to unlock: take over the Vigilator Nord base in Plagia province.

Base coordinates: 42.277N, 45.037E



This is a stronger version of the previous sniper rifle, it has a very small recoil. It allows you to shoot from longer distance and is not that fast. Deadly weapon, perfect for destroying far away, medium-sized objects in cities or military bases.

How to unlock: take over the Espia Alta base in Capite Est province.

Base coordinates: 46.800N, 33.312E

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