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Just Cause 3 Beats Rainbow Six: Siege

Just Cause 3 is on number four on UK charts beating Rainbow Six: Siege which is on number six. The top three best sellers from the UK are Call of Duty: Black Ops 3,...


Just Cause 3 Unique Vehicles

You can pick up vehicles as well as the weapons including tanks, fighter planes and helicopters, most of the vehicles can be unlocked by driving and  saving them in you’re garage but some of...


Just Cause 3 Unique weapons

When you start the game you got equipted with good but not so good weapons but you eventualy find the weapons from green drawers or military bases or police stations, the best weapon allows...


Just Cause 3 PC Issues and Fixes (Black Screen, Lag, FPS Stuttering & Flickering, Crashes)

Just Cause 3 came up with a heavy PC requirements and a normal PC cannot play this game to the max , Just Cause 3 has lots of bugs and glitches and it is a bit poorly optimized for most of the systems, the following are the errors you might encounter before or while running Just Cause 3.

Below are the fixes for any error…