Mafia 3 All Good or Bad Endings Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock all good or bad endings in Mafia 3 video game. Mafia 3 has many endings. Which one you’ll get relies on upon a decision you make in one of the last missions. The vast majority of ’em are really dull, with stories of double-crossing and redemption etc. Fortunately, you can get all of them in one playthrough, so you won’t need to begin the game once again to see the ones you didn’t pick.

In the event that you need each of the 3, you must do them in the order listed below: Go away, Rule alone, Rule together. Along these lines you won’t need to reload the game, as the initial two will mystically return you to the progression before you pick.

Mafia 3 Go Away – Leave Town Ending

After you’ve conversed with Leo Galante, you’ll need to run talk with Donovan and Father James. After that, you’ll get a target instructing you to take the position of authority or leave town. It will give you 2 markers. Going after the one that leads through Frisco Fields will lead away. This will respect Lincoln’s unique wish to make tracks in an opposite direction from New Bordeaux. He’s had his vengeance, now it’s the ideal opportunity for another life, some place with greener fields. After the credits are over, Mafia 3 will set you once more into the city, before you’ve settled on your decision.

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