Mafia 3 – Underbosses Burke, Vito, Casandra Updates and Perks Guide

This guide is discussing pretty much everything about Underbosses, Burke, Vito and Casandra, their updates and perks in Mafia 3 video game.

Mafia 3 Underbosses are your reliable lieutenants who can run day by day operations in conquered districts for you. When you vanquish a territory, you’ll get the opportunity to pick which underboss will get the chance to oversee it – Cassandra, Vito or Burke. As you give them more region, you’ll unlock uncommon perks and updates. This can incorporate weapon updates, new vehicles, or the administrations of their partners.

1. Vito’s Perks

Vito is the main character of the last Mafia game. Among his associates are Bobby Navarro, hired muscle, Betty Johnson, who acts as a scout and courier, as well as Gianni Bruno, the family doctor. Here’s what you get by being in Vito’s favor:

$0 The ability to have a courier deposit money instead of you.
$30,000 Call in armed backup to your location.
$60,000 Maximum health upgrade
$100,000 Adrenaline shot storage upgrade
$140,000 Show enemy locations, collect racket money
$180,000 Health regeneration speed upgrade
$220,000 Call in heavily-armed backup
$270,000 Maximum health upgrade
$320,000 Adrenaline shots now heal you to full health
$370,000 Call an elite four-man kill team.
$420,000 Maximum health upgrade

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